Kathleen & Will’s Engagement Session

Kathleen and Will chose Wrightsville Beach for their engagement pictures since the beach means so much to the couple. Both of their families have homes here so this feels like the perfect location. The beach loving couple spends as much time as possible outside!! Activities include fishing, boating or just hanging out on the beach taking a dip in the ocean!

Kathleen & Will’s Engagement Story

We were going down to Wrightsville Beach that weekend for a wedding. The plan was to meet some friends for drinks before the welcome party. Will had asked me to help him get some alcohol off the boat for his parents. As I was walking onto his fishing boat to go down to the kitchen he said my name… when I turned around he had a ring box in his hand and I pretty much said “What are you doing?” I was beyond surprised and did not even expect it remotely…he really got me!! I blacked out after that but I remember him saying he loved me and asked me to marry him.

It was something I will never forget!

We are excited to celebrate with this couple & their families in November!

photography by www.anagramphoto.com

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