The highest and most radical type of love according to the Greeks is agape, or selfless unconditional love.
Agape is what some call spiritual love. It is an unconditional love, bigger than ourselves, a boundless compassion, an infinite empathy. It is what the Buddhists describe as “mettā” or “universal loving kindness.” It is the purest form of love that is free from desires and expectations, and loves regardless of the flaws and shortcomings of others.
Agape is the love that is felt for that which we intuitively know as the divine truth: the love that accepts, forgives and believes for our greater good.
Hopefully you will see a true representation of this love in these blog posts. 

Kathleen and Will chose Wrightsville Beach for their engagement pictures since the beach means so much to the couple. Both of their families have homes here so this feels like the perfect location. The beach loving couple spends as much time as possible outside!! Activities include fishing, boating or just hanging out on the beach […]

Kathleen & Will’s Engagement Session

May 31, 2020