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When we team up with a client, it's not just business—it's about really getting to know you as a couple and as individuals.

We're curious about the things you enjoy doing together and when you're flying solo. How did you two first cross paths, and who took the plunge into love first? And Sundays, are they lazy or adventurous—what's your jam?


We like to keep things personal when it comes to event planning. 

Forget about what your wedding 'should' be and let's make the most important day all about the most important people—you two!

Your wedding should be a fusion of your unique styles that leaves your guests in awe and showcases why you've chosen each other. We're eager to hear your story and work together to weave those ideas, plans, and dreams into the Best Day EVER!

Out of these moments, your wedding takes shape.

Understanding you is key for us because we want your wedding day to be a true reflection of who you are.

it takes a village to bring your day to life



Shelley Jefferys

Brittney Schramm

Office Assistant / Lead Coordinator

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Office Manager / Lead Coordinator

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Marcie Bradshaw

Associate Planner

Amanda Santos

Event Assistants

Clockwise from left: Elizabeth Nelson, Lexi Rudolph, Danielle Elandt, Morgan Vanbibber, Morgan Roff, Amanda Bolduc, Elena Stubbings


Introductory Meeting

Tailored Proposal

Get Ready to Dive Deep

Time to Shine

Our Time Together Looks Like This...

As your big day approaches, we take the reins, making sure every detail is in place. Budgets, timelines, and all the behind-the-scenes magic – we've got it covered. On the day itself, we're the backstage crew making sure the show runs smoothly, so you can soak it all in without a worry in the world.

We start with a casual meet-up where you tell us the vision for your dream wedding – the vibe, style, and budget. It's our chance to get your vibe and for you to see if we're a match made in wedding planning heaven.

We whip up a tailored proposal that's like a custom-made roadmap for your wedding journey. It lays out what we'll do, when we'll do it, and the nitty-gritty of the costs – all the important stuff.

Now, the real fun begins! We dive deep into the details together – picking the perfect venue, coordinating with vendors, and cooking up a theme that's all you. It's like planning a big party with your best friend.

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Our Values

At the heart of what we do are connection and co-creation. We see event planning as a way to truly understand your love story. Your journey is all about crafting an experience that captures the essence of your story. Keeping this in focus, we provide personalized, meticulously designed experiences just for you.

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We value meaningful connections with our clients. Understanding your unique story and preferences is at the forefront of our approach, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience that resonates with your individuality.

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We believe in the power of collaboration. Event planning, for us, is a joint venture where your vision and our expertise come together to create something extraordinary. Through creative co-creation, we bring your ideas to life with innovation and flair.

Our commitment is to provide experiences that go beyond expectations. Every detail is approached with thoughtfulness and care, ensuring that each event is a seamless and memorable reflection of your story and aspirations.

Cherish Connection, Crave Creativity, Celebrate Uniqueness

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