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Savor the excitement and joy without getting bogged down in the details


Let us sweat the small stuff so you can revel in the big moments


Say goodbye to vendor-related stress and let us gather your day-of dream team


Be fully present during your big day knowing that every detail is taken care of

it's time to hire a planner

Simply because you want to relish every moment of this special chapter in your life. Choosing a wedding planning company allows you to bask in the joy of your engagement while ensuring that the dream wedding you've envisioned for you and your partner is expertly planned. We'll guide you through the steps of orchestrating this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Your vision for the day is our top priority, and we keep it at the forefront of our minds. 

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

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Why choose us? Well, apart from our wealth of experience, professionalism, and creative flair, the real deal is that we bring the fun! We have this knack for turning what might feel like an overwhelming task into something downright enjoyable. Trust us, you won't just remember your wedding day; you'll fondly look back on the months leading up to it, filled with laughter and joy.

Okay, but why should I hire Social Butterfly Events?

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We're constantly on the move, meeting clients, with vendors or checking out venues – and that's exactly where we'll meet you.

Between those meetings, we might sneak into a cozy coffee shop for a green tea or finalize decisions over margaritas! Either way, we can arrange a meetup that suits your vibe.

Where will we meet to plan my wedding?

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As many as we need! It's our responsibility to understand your needs and that requires effective communication, whether it's in person or over the phone. We reserve texting for quick notes like "Hey, I'm running 10 minutes late," but for the crucial details, let's talk in person or through email.

How many meetings, emails, and phone calls are included?

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Absolutely! In fact, 80% of our clients don't live in the area. We've had the pleasure of working with clients from various parts of the state, and even as far as London! Yes, it requires a bit of time zone consideration for communication, but it's definitely manageable. Additionally, when you're in town, we'll make the most of every moment together!

Do you work with couples outside of Wilmington, NC?

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We don't have a set vendor list. Instead, for each wedding, we carefully match vendors with clients based on their budget, design preferences, and personality. When we recommend a vendor, it's a testament to their work, and we don't make suggestions with the aim of receiving compensation from the vendor. Our focus is solely on ensuring the best match for your needs and preferences.

Do you work with a preferred vendor list?

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SB checklists and day of timeline kept us organized and allowed us to not worry

about anything on the big day!

- Alyson E.